Spread ignorance about relations between epistemology and medicine

Do you believe that investigators, University teachers and clinicians are  aware of the epistemological revolution  of medical science and medicine that call for the restructuring of medical education ,clinical method and research or is there a general and spread ignorance about the importance of epistemology for medicine ? Do you believe  that there is a general ignorance about the meaning of the word “epistemology” “ethics” and generally of philosophy ( eg the concept of “person”- “interactionism”-“teleology” )  and the  human sciences relations with Medicine, result of wrong  curricula oriented only to bio-technology  or to teach an obsolete and partially wrong clinical method.

Do you believe that there is a general ignorance about the change of the definition of “Health” ?

There is the problem to develop Medicine and health science on “Truth” and not on opinions or plagiaristic surrogates ( Personalized medicine) well financed by the health “stock market” not interested to the people health and their freedom to be healthy and “human” persons.

There is the problem also of a general ignorance of politicians, only interested to warrant electoral or religious consensus and their well financed power or of investigators and clinicians sold to the good bidder/ vendu au meilleur offrant/ le vendidos al más buen ofreciente/ verkauft an den guten Bewerber/ بيعت الى مزايد جيدة/售出的良好的竞标者!/ проданный хорошему претенденту/ מכור למציע ההצעה הטובה

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